Portable film lights – takeways from BVE 2015

  • Richard Ayoade and Adam Buxton at BVE 2015
  • BVE 2015 Day 1
  • Flyer from BBS at BVE 2015

The BVE 2015 show is always a good chance to see what’s new in cameras and lights. This year, Excel attracted 15,000 visitors over the three days from more than 60 countries. Over 300 companies exhibit so it’s a good place for me to catch up with both suppliers and customers.

I went to BVE 2015 on the third day, and it seemed a bit quieter than last year in terms of DPs wandering the aisles. Those I met were talking about the Alexa Mini Camera from ARRI described as ‘A go-anywhere tool, easy to transport in backpacks or as carry-on luggage.’ We’ve been talking about portable film lights for a while now, so it’s good to see the camera guys are catching up!

I was mainly at BVE to look for lights and accessories that give you guys other ways to make our green lights even handier. There were three things that really caught my eye.

Firstly the Flyer, from BBS, who made our popular Area 48 Remote Phosphor panel. This is a really lightweight light and softbox combined, carried at the end of a pole to give you overhead lighting without having to worry about getting the light source in the shot. Prokit were demonstrating the Flyer on their stand, and we’ll be the first aboard when it comes to market.

We love our foldable, go anywhere flexlite and we’re looking forward to adding the softbox accessory that Prolight Direct were exhibiting. A softer light option will make the Flexlite an even more versatile choice.

I was also on the LCA stand looking at the Cinetiles. These are a really clever range of LED lighting strips and bricks with centrally managed colour temperature quality.

One limitation to all this talk of portability came from a friend who sells teeny portable film lights. He told me that a couple of his demo kits went for a test drive from his stand and never came back! Not a problem you would have had with the old red hot incandescent fixtures!

BVE is a good show, but I’d love to see a wider range of seminars in the lighting and camera slots.¬†Last year it was standing room only for some of the DP talks, and a good range of professionals talking about how they’re actually using this stuff is one of the highlights of a show like this. I hear that BVE 2016 will be part of London Entertainment Week. This should offer more scope for participation across the film and tv industries than can be squeezed into three days.

(photos of BVE seminars by Jack Terry)

  • Richard Ayoade and Adam Buxton at BVE 2015

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