Greenkit Covid 19 Risk Assessment


This is an analysis of the current risk posed to Greenkit employees, customers and visitors by the Covid 19 virus, in the context of our work to provide film lighting equipment to the UK TV, Film and Video Industries.

We want to make sure that everyone who works for or with Greenkit is safe, and feels confident to work to the best of their ability and understands their responsibilities to keep themselves and their colleagues safe.

We will do everything we can to provide a safe working environment, and take such practical steps as we can to adapt our ways of working, but this is a shared endeavour and we expect everyone to play their part in taking precautions, making suggestions and avoiding risk. We want to make these changes while still prioritising our commitment to a sustainable and environmentally friendly business practice.

Working from Home

Because we are a kit hire business it is not possible for any employee to do productive, revenue generating work from home. All employees working for Greenkit must be able to work safely in the office.

 Travel to and From Work

Public transport has been greatly reduced, and will continue to operate at reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. We are exploring the following options to minimise the need for our employees to travel on crowded public transport.

  • Car sharing with colleagues
  • Bike to work scheme – government back scheme to allow employees to buy a new bike and accessories on a long term loan which is taken from your pre-tax salary thus saving tax and NI

We will provide employees with 2 reversible, washable facemasks, and a bottle of hand sanitiser to use on those occasions where travel on public transport or in Ubers etc. is necessary.

Shift Patterns/Split Working

We propose a temporary split shift system to minimise the need to travel on public transport during busy periods and to minimise the number of people working together in a closed space. We are looking at the following options. These shift patterns will be fixed until it is safe to vary them.

  • Early/Late Working. 2 shifts – 8am – 4.30pm and 10am – 6.30pm.
  • Shifts Split across the week according to the needs of the business

Social Distancing in the Office

We are lucky enough to have a big enough office space to allow all desks to be more than 2 metres apart. We will adjust the layout of the upstairs office to accommodate this as needed. There are some areas where this is not possible.

  • Warehouse – the nature of loading and unloading kit makes it difficult to social distance in this case we will provide PPE equipment (see below) to enable this to happen safely
  • Kitroom Bench – we will provide floor markings in the kitroom and warehouse to indicate safe working distances, and display notices throughout the area to remind employees of this.
  • Toilets – there are 4 toilets for 7 people, so it should be possible to use toilets safely without breaching social distancing guidelines
  • Kitchen – social distancing is not possible in the kitchen. Only 1 employee should use the kitchen at any one time.
  • IT Room – social distancing is not possible in the IT room. Only 1 employee should use this room at any one time.
  • Breakout Room – social distancing is difficult in the breakout room. Only 1 employee should use this room at any one time.
  • Meeting Room – social distancing is possible in the meeting room for up to 4 people. We will remove the extra chairs in this room.


It is particularly important during this period that we all play our part in a rigorous cleaning regime to keep surfaces clear of infection and maintain the office as a safe space. It is very important that we do not resort to the use of disposable cleaning products, and instead choose washable options for cloths and towels where we can.

We will be undertaking the following steps

  • The office will be deep cleaned prior to being reopened to employees
  • The office will be cleaned weekly, including wiping desks, door handles, light switches and meeting tables and chairs
  • Each employee will be responsible for clearing and wiping down their desk at the end of the day, including regular wiping of their keyboards, phones, computer mice etc. We will provide environmentally friendly cleaning products for this.
  • Equipment – we will use environmentally friendly cleaner and washable cloths to clean and disinfect equipment, as far as practical – details to be confirmed with Pat and Simone
  • We will continue to operate the kitchen rota asking everyone to take turn to clean the kitchen, take out the recycling and empty office bins. We will provide products and equipment, including gloves to enable employees to do this.
  • We will investigate whether it is cost-effective to add roof opening windows in the office and to add ventilation to the warehouse in order that the fresh air flow can be maximised.

 Couriers and Visitors

Most couriers who visit are collecting or delivering kit. We also have visitors who need to pay by credit card who have to come up to the office to have their paperwork verified. Sometimes suppliers come to demonstrate kit and DOPs and Gaffers occasionally visit to meet the team.

  • We will display notices on the front door explaining our policy re. visitor management, which will request only 1 visitor/courier on the premises at any one time.
  • We will not initiate any meetings that are not vital to the business and will discourage casual visitors wherever possible
  • Where possible we will ask couriers either to leave the kit in the hallway or if they are not willing to unload themselves to stay in the van while we unload the vehicle
  • If we do need to unload together we will offer visitors a face visor or mask to wear which we will ask them to return afterwards. All team members unloading like this should wear a mask or a face visor.
  • We will investigate switching to a contactless card payment system to avoid handling client credit cards
  • We will not require couriers to sign paperwork, and we will not sign any they give us
  • If couriers ask to use the toilet they should be asked to use the ground floor toilet by the front door


Guidelines on the use of PPE vary depending on the work situation. It is not recommended to use masks while in the office or in the warehouse while working with colleagues. The most important advice continues to be to maintain social distancing where possible, to wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds and to keep all equipment and surfaces clear and clean them regularly.

Remember, masks are more effective in protecting the other person than the wearer. Wearing a mask in conditions where you meet other people is a gesture of courtesy and respect.

We will provide PPE for use in the following circumstances.

  • Deliveries and collections – there is no need to wear PPE while driving. When unloading and loading wear a facemask and/or clear visor. Wear gloves – gaffer gloves or rubber gloves when collecting kit.
  • Warehouse/Office Working – there is no need to use masks or gloves when working with colleagues, these are counterproductive unless washed frequently
  • Loading/Unloading – if you have to load or unload at the office, wear a face visor and clean it afterwards.
  • Handwashing – this is the most effective way to manage exposure to the virus. We will provide soap and contactless hand driers in all toilets where possible and where not, will provide clean towels for hand drying which will be washed twice weekly.
  • Rubbish and Recycling – the team member on the kitchen rota should empty all rubbish bins on a daily basis


The meeting room is too small to accommodate the whole team safely when seated round the table.

If there are more than 4 people in a meeting, it will be held in the open plan office area with chairs spaced 2 metres apart. Where the meeting room is used, hand sanitiser will be provided.

Break Times

Lunches will be staggered over a two hour period between 12 noon and 2.30pm, as long as driving schedules allow. This will pressure on the kitchen and reduce the number of people working over the lunch period.

Greenkit Van

  • The Greenkit Van will be provided with surface cleaner, hand sanitiser, cleaning cloths, a clear visor and disposable masks. The Visor should we worn by the driver when at client premises. The disposable masks are for clients/warehouse staff if necessary.
  • The steering wheel, driver seat, handbrake and door handles of the van must be cleaned by the driver after each use.
  • The external door handles should also be cleaned at the end of each day.
  • The Greenkit van should be cleaned weekly – exterior, and monthly – exterior and interior. The drivers are responsible for scheduling this regularly.


Greenkit employees are considered low risk when it comes to vulnerability to the disease, but no-one is immune. It is very important that you continue to be vigilant to symptoms in yourself or anyone in your household. If you develop a new persistant cough or a high temperature, it is important that you take steps to self isolate and let us know as soon as possible if you feel unwell. There will be provision for you to claim SSP in line with government guidelines, or take paid sick leave if you have not used it up for 2020.


This document represents the Greenkit Covid 19 Risk Assessment as of today’s date. We will be reviewing these procedures on a regular basis as the situation develops, and encourage employees to make suggestions and suggest changes. However, these rules, once agreed need to be consistently followed by everyone to be effective, so please do not vary them without consultation. To do so risks your safety, those of your colleagues and ultimately the business and we will consider any such behaviour a disciplinary matter. We will be asking you to sign an agreement to that effect.

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