NAB 2014 in Las Vegas – lighting up time in the desert

I was betting I'd find some cool film lights at NAB 2014 in Las Vegas and I wasn't wrong!

  • NAB 2014 in Las Vegas – lighting up time in the desert
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Advertised as the world’s largest electronic show, with over 100,000 visitors over 4 days, it’s a pretty big turnout. NAB 2014 wasn’t quite so overwhelming as last year. It’s a great opportunity for me to check out the latest thing in energy efficient film lights before it hits Cinegear in June.

Lots of the great lighting suppliers that we do business were exhibiting at NAB 2014. It was great to meet up with Hexolux, whose cool looking fresnels have been turning a lot of heads over here. We’re really chuffed to be the first UK lighting rental house to have this fantastic light for hire. It was great to be able give Zylight some early feedback from their new F8 fresnels, which are proving very popular with everyone.

A long way to go to meet up with the team from Blindspot, who only live up the road in Glasgow, but still great to see the excitement about their new Scorpion Light that we’ve already ordered. Pleased to say this clever little fixture is now fully funded and the guys are steaming away with the production so that we can have these ready for you to rent when they hit these shores in July.

It seems kind of ironic to be at NAB 2014 on the lookout for energy efficient light in what must be one of the most energy hungry cities in the world, but Vegas is such a city of contradictions that’s maybe not surprising!

  • NAB 2014 in Las Vegas – lighting up time in the desert

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